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June 2023


I’ve had an ongoing infection under two root-filled teeth that have possibly caused my depression, but certainly made me feel very under the weather. Mainstream dentistry advised me to hold onto them and let my body fight the infection, even though this can lead to chronic infection and could increase my risk of cancer, heart attack, and other illnesses.

Luckily I found Ana and Elmar who were straight talking and honest. It took me a while to accept I needed to lose these teeth, but I am so glad I have. I feel stronger and fitter and I sleep better, and I recover better from stress and exertion.

But what is incredible, is the quality and steadiness of care I received during the procedure. Ana and her nurse, Anna, were so steady, kind, supportive, thorough, and professional. I feel I have not only had excellent treatment, but a healing experience from all the crappy bedside manners I have faced from dentists throughout my life.


I tend to be suspicious when I read testimonials, but as a non-testimonial writer, I want to reassure you that you have found good dentistry, full of care and professionalism.

Life is too precious to risk it for mainstream dentistry and root-filled teeth. And life is too short to put up with anything less than kind and supportive patient care. I highly recommend Ana and Anna and feel very grateful to them both.

Jonny B.


March 2023


Meeting Dr Velasco has been a life-changing experience for me. Before I met her, I was living with chronic fatigue syndrome and had not been able to work for over two years. Two of my teeth were discoloured so I had consultations with other dentists to investigate these. 

Three dentists told me that both of these teeth were dead and two of these dentists told me I needed a root canal on both of these teeth. Thank goodness I found Dr Velasco, as after further tests she found that only one of these teeth was dead. She also identified infections in my jawbone. 

I entrusted her with surgery to remove the dead tooth and infections and she performed it faultlessly. The care that she gave me was exceptional as was her aftercare. She has such a gentle nature and she constantly checked on my well-being throughout. 

It is now 4 weeks since the surgery and I’m enjoying feeling much better already. A heavy dark cloud that has been over me for years has been lifted, I’m no longer depressed, and my energy has increased. I know it’s still early days but I’m so excited to see my health improve over the coming months. 

I highly recommend Dr Velasco as a holistic dentist. She is such a kind and gentle soul and her knowledge and expertise to identify what was going on in my mouth and then fix it is on another level. I have already recommended her to several friends who have travelled to see her, and I will continue to tell everyone about her that will listen! 

Nicky, from abroad


March 2023


Dr Velasco has an incredibly comforting, trusting, and soothing presence – qualities important to me when under the care of a health professional.

She is always more than happy to answer questions about the procedures I have needed, and I have been impressed with her knowledge and awareness of the relationship between oral health and overall wellbeing.

The quality of Dr Velasco’s work speaks for itself, and I am grateful to be her patient.

Thank you,



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