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Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

What is Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal?

We use the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) protocol, developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It involves carefully extracting amalgam, then replacing fillings, inlays and crowns with harmless but effective bio-composite materials for dentistry.

The Facts

Mercury amalgam fillings have been widely used as a dental solution for decades. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they carry serious health risks. The toxic nature of mercury can cause neurological problems, respiratory issues, and kidney damage.


Improper disposal of these fillings further exacerbates the problem by polluting the environment.


Thankfully, there are safe and effective methods for mercury amalgam removal that protect both your health and the environment.


Traditional vs. Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Traditional mercury amalgam removal involves drilling out the old filling without any precautions. This can result in the release of mercury vapours, which can be inhaled by the patient and dental staff. This method poses a risk to the health of both the patient and the dental staff. Safe mercury amalgam removal, on the other hand, involves a set of protocols that minimize the exposure to mercury vapours during the removal process.

Environmentally Friendly

Safe To Your Health

The Benefits of Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Safe mercury amalgam removal has several benefits, including:

  1. Reduced exposure to mercury vapours during the removal process, protecting the patient and dental staff.

  2. Improved overall health and well-being by reducing the exposure to mercury in the body.

  3. Enhanced appearance of the teeth with non-toxic filling materials.

  4. Reduced risk of future dental problems and the need for future dental work.

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