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All our surgeries follow a protocol to support your body as much as we possibly can to success on its healing. 

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced emotional/energetic state, a clean diet and a healthy breathing pattern are considered on the success of this healing. 

After an extensive assessment, recommendations pre and post surgery plus a protocol to follow prior the surgery are the steps we take towards the surgical procedure. 

All thorough surgical procedures include Ozone Therapy plus PRF (Plasma-rich-fibrin) to complete a 100% natural treatment. This combination is key to create a phenomenal soft tissue and bone regeneration. 

Once this has been finalised, most of the healing power is in your hands with our support and advice throughout your journey.

           Ozone Therapy

Treating infection without causing any harmful effects is extremely important for us.


Ozone gas is a reactive antioxidant. Its role in blood circulation and uplifting immunity is an ideal complement to achieving curative care treatments.


The therapeutic and biological effects of ozone make its usage in dentistry  recommended for a variety of purposes such as carious lesion treatments, oral surgery, gum disease, periodontal problems and sensitivity.  

During every surgical procedure, be it a simple tooth extraction, implant removal or cavitation surgery, ozone is used in  to disinfect the wound area.


Ozone has been proven to only kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, but not the body’s own cells. In combination with our surgery protocol and the use of PRF membrane, there is nothing in the way of reforming bone and tissue naturally in most cases. 


Image by Herbert Goetsch

 PRF (Plasma-rich-fibrin)

PRF is a substance found and extracted from your own blood.

Once some blood is taken from the patient, it is placed into a centrifuge spinning device to create their own healing biocompatible membrane. 

Dr Ana Velasco offers a comprehensive range of dental surgery services to patients.


Whether you need a tooth extraction or a more complex procedure like removal of dental implants or cavitation surgery, Dr Ana Velasco has the expertise to perform the surgery with precision and care.


Patients can trust that they will receive personalized care that addresses their unique needs.

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