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Who We Are

Who is Dr Ana Velasco?

After gaining a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain), Ana quickly became aware of the shortfalls and limitations of modern dentistry techniques and products.

As a result, she gained invaluable insights and expertise working alongside a widely respected expert in the field of biological dentistry, Dr Elmar Jung. (

Dr Jung is a holistic, biological dentist and naturopath, but also an experienced coach, author, podcaster and international speaker.

Over the decades, Dr Jung saw the widespread health damage that can result from a combination of poor nutrition and toxic dentistry. He established the Dr Elmar Jung Dental Clinic in Southampton, to innovate and lead the UK in the adaptation of natural dentistry methods. He has since stepped back from his clinical work to concentrate on coaching future dentists who follow this approach.

Dr Elmar with his lovely wife Sam are always there to support our patients' journey.

Ana explained: “I was honoured when Dr Jung chose me to work at his clinic. It is exciting for me to be continuing his work, guiding patients to natural and non-toxic ways to improve their oral health, and the appearance and feel of the structures they need to eat, breath and talk!”




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