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Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

We use the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) protocol, developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Technology. It involves carefully extracting amalgam, then replacing fillings, inlays and crowns with harmless but effective bio-composite materials for dentistry.


CaviTAU Scan

Dr Ana Velasco and Dr Elmar Jung in Southampton, are the only UK dentistry service certified to use CaviTAU technology. This incredible dentistry innovation enables radiation-free scans to be taken, to provide detailed information about bone density and jaw structural integrity. Fast, safe and kind, this radiation-free scanning system can show areas of jawbone infection which can contribute to various general health issues.


The team is thoroughly qualified and experienced in the field of dentistry but has combined that with in-depth study of naturopathic principles and how oral health fits within general health and lifestyle.



This is a safe and proven early intervention option, to prevent crooked teeth and poor jaw development, and reduce the risk of children needing a mouth brace or extractions. It involves a series of removable oral appliances that the child wears inside their mouth for one or two hours a day, and when they sleep – to encourage correct positioning.

Myobrace orthodontics is an excellent way to ensure children’s teeth and jaws develop well by improving good oral habits. 


This is a revolutionary, patented technology that  remodels your upper jaw, to provide proper positioning.

It works by stimulating natural positional change and growth, developing the airways to increase oxygenation. 


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